• Who are you? Tell about yourself/ name, age, hobbies, activities/. I am a boy, and my name is Leo Melikyan. I am 10 years old. I like to play the piano, read books and go to hiking. In my school I go to <<Kinophoto>> room to take pictures.
  • Do you have any favorite books? What book gave you read? Tell and present that book. Would you advise that book to your friends? My favorite book is encyclopedia. I will advise encyclopedia to my friends, because they can find any information about any topic, which they need.
  • Do you have friends? Who is your best friend and why? What do you appreciate in your friend? Yes, I have many friends. My best friends are Areg and Tigran. They always help me, they listen to me and they don’t betray me.
  • What places do you like in Armenia? Where have you been? Where would you like to go and why? In Armenia I like city of Goris and city of Berd. I have been in both cities. Goris is located in Syunik region, and Berd is located in Tavush region. I would like to go to the city of Sevan in Summer to swim in lake Sevan.
  • What can you tell us about Armenia and London? London is the capital of Great Brittan. The Noah’s Ark was landed on Mount Ararat. Armenia is my mother-land and it is very ancient country, where live nearly 3mln. population. The capital city of Armenia is Yerevan. I like Armenia very much,
  • Tell about your favorite film/ series/ theatre. My favorite movie is “One and half spy” It is very funny comedy.

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